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Want to Register as a Business?

If you are thinking of starting a business you should be aware of the different types available for you to start:

Sole Trader

The Sole Trader is the simplist and most common type of business a person will register as.  Getting started is easier as all you need to do is Inform HMRC -

 If you wish for us to register you as self employed then either telephone us on 01794 650 083 or use the contact us page and fill out the form.  Registering as Self Employed is free and all part of our service.



If you are thinking of starting a business with another person or persons then you may wish to form a Partnership.  A Partnership is exactly how it sounds and is similar to a Sole Trader. For more information please contact us or go to -

You may also like to consider the posibility of forming a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).  For more information on LLP'S see - 



 There are a few types of Companies.

  1. Private Company Limited by Shares - The most common Ltd Company
  2. Private Company Limited by Guarantee
  3. Private Unlimited Company
  4. Public Limited Company (PLC)

For more information on Companies please contact us