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What is the CIS


CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme. If you are in the CIS, e.g. a Builder or Carpenter etc then you may want to learn more about the CIS.

Unfortunately if you are for example a Builder and you want to pay a Carpenter or Plumber for work they have carried out for you then it isn't as simple as paying them "cash in hand" anymore. You may now be required to register with the CIS as a "Contractor" and anyone you pay in the Construction Industry to undertake work for you may be treated as a "Sub Contractor"

If for example you want to pay a Sub Contractor for completing work for you then you may have to deduct a % of their pay (usually 20% or 30%) and pay that money to the CIS. But of course before any of this you must Register as a Contractor with the CIS and then complete Monthly Contractor Returns.

At RL Accountancy Services we can complete Monthly Contractor Returns for you and all the necessary paperwork making life hassle free for you to concentrate on running your Business.

For more information on the Construction Industry Scheme please visit -

If you wish to talk to us about the CIS or if you need advice on whether or not to Register as a Contractor with the CIS then please contact us